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Collaboration and Office 365

“Collaboration – the action of working with someone to produce or create something” Really – what’s the big deal with this collaboration? When I was young, we traded files on a floppy disk (8” then 5-1/4” then 3-1/2” – I’m serious, Google it…) and later had a shared drive on a server. I could make […]

How to Make Your Gmail Experience Even Better

Nobody likes sifting through boring, meaningless emails. After a while, they just get annoying and make you want to unsubscribe from every email list you’ve ever signed up for. If you are a Gmail user…

Enhance Remote Work with a Webcam

When it comes to working remotely from home, the reviews are mixed. On one hand, you have employees that enjoy the freedom of working in their pajamas. On the other hand, some employers don’t like having their team spread out because it takes away from company culture. Taking advantage of a webcam is a great […]

Technology of Tomorrow

Take a minute to look at the computer you’re using to read this. Are you using a flat screen? How large is your hard drive? What do you use to transfer your data from one place to another? Most likely your screen is indeed flat, your hard drive is no less than 300-500 gigabytes and […]

Tip: 3 Steps to Check Excel Workbooks for Errors

Working on a team means that projects are passed from person to person. If one person makes an error, passes it on, and the error is not caught, then the whole project is in jeopardy. When working in Excel with a team, here are three steps to take to help you find mistakes and keep […]

So You Need To Buy A Server? Here are 4 Variables to Consider

Not sure what to look for when purchasing a server? Having trouble with your current server or in the market for a new one? Purchasing a server can be a daunting task, but if not done with careful consideration, it can significantly impact your business’ ability to operate smoothly. Here are some things you may […]

Desktop Virtualization: Save Money, Increase Security

How much do you spend on the workstations your employees use? Most business owners admit that it’s, “more than I would like,” and that’s because they would embrace a scenario where they could get away without paying anything. Who wouldn’t, right? We don’t have a solid method of obtaining free workstations, but we do have […]

Google Creates Skynet: A Network In The Sky
How do you take over the planet? First, you control it's flow of information (Google Search). You then develop and analyze a map (Google Earth), then you send in reconnaissance for a closer look (Street View Car), then you set up encrypted communications (Google Loon), you can then strike when least expected. While we don't [...]
Take the Time to Safely Remove Your Device
USB flash drive

It is the end of the day and you have been stressed from the days workload. You’re ready to just go home and spend some time with your family. As you’re leaving, you remember you left your USB drive connected to your computer. Do you just disconnect it and stuff it in your bag or […]

Tip: Open Old Office Files Previously Blocked

So your boss gives you the task of creating a presentation based on your company’s expense vs. profit over the last seven years. He wants to know what was spent, what it was spent on, and what was done to minimize those expenses. You finally find the old files on your server. The problem is, […]